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Money Belt

Money Belt

I don't know about you, but when I travel I always end up spending more money than I planned.  Now the obvious solution to this problem would be to take along more money.  The problem is, how do I do that safely?

The answer is a Money Belt.  The dictionary defines the money belt as a belt with a concealed section for holding money which you can tie or buckle around your body (usually at the waist).

The money belt comes in a wide variety of materials and configurations.  It can be found in leather, silk, cotton, nylon and other materials that would be comfortable to wear and still be strong, durable and generally waterproof. 

A money belt does not have to be strapped around your waist.  There are models that can be hung around your neck, draped over your shoulder, slung under your arm, fastened across your chest or even wrapped around your leg or your arm.

Money belt configurations are as varied as the uses that people have found for them.  The money belt can have separate zippered and non-zippered pockets to hold tickets, traveler's checks, passports, currency and travel related documents, as well as credit cards and other small valuables.  They can also be found in the color of your choice ranging from the normal blacks, browns and tans all the way to silver, blue and pink.

A money belt can come in different sizes, but most of them are typically one size fits all because they come with adjustable elastic or Velcro straps that can be easily adjusted to fit the wearer.  Money belts are designed to be worn under a shirt, a blouse, a skirt or pants and are therefore not easily detectable. 

There are also waterproof models of the money belt that are ideal if you're planning a trip to the beach where you might be diving, swimming, snorkeling or skiing.

The main function of money belt is, and always will be, to keep your valuables safe when you're traveling long distances or in unfamiliar or dangerous areas.  This is accomplished because the money belt keeps your belongings closer to your body so that they are more secure from sneak thieves, pickpockets, and robbers. 

By the way, it is always a good idea to keep a small amount of cash in your pocket so that in the event you are robbed, you will have something to turnover to the thieves other than your money belt.

So in summary,

If you find yourself needing to carry more cash than you had planned like I always do, then a money belt is the best way to ensure that your money and valuables are kept close to your body and safe while you travel.